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Community Services

Delivering innovative services for the community

– Work closely with VCS organisations
– Develop planning and design strategy to include:
     • Political guidance
     • Support community groups to develop strong ideas
     • Community usage options
– Fulfil tender procedure and application
– Resident and Community Engagement
– Financial modelling
– Communication services
– Build capacity within organisations and the wider sector

Through joint working, we can deliver great community value

The only way to deliver great new assets is to work together in the community. Projects that involve any work to existing buildings and sites are always difficult and need to be worked on collaboratively, so that the best results can be achieved.

“Bolster resident engagement campaigns”

We help to fill the gaps that often exist in organisations structures, be that a weakness in strategic guidance or a lack of know how when it comes to resident and community engagement. The aim of all of our services is to assist individual organisations to navigate through the decision making process.

Delivering innovative services and support