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Asset Management

Help voluntary & community sector organisations deliver on their asset base

– Asset base research
– Land valuation
– Land delivery options
– Options business case development
– Community usage options
– Best delivery route plan
– Site options appraisal
– Community Hub development

“We can deliver value for our VCS organisations”

At ZigZag we know that local VCS organisations do not always make the best use of their physical asset base. We have the know how to make these assets work harder, to benefit everyone in the local community.

Through community led initiatives, we can deliver value to VCS organisations, whilst never taking our eye of the primary goal of delivering more valuable services and income for our hard pressed VCS organisations.

Developments that benefit the community

Delivering any form of development is never easy, but we have the knowledge and experience to get these sites developed for the good of the  the local residents.

Delivering innovative services and support